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Gator A sneaky alligator

Taken at Busch Gardens Photo taken at Busch Gardens

A baby in his mother's arms, photo by Michael PontonA baby in his mother's arms

A Green Grass Snake Green Grass Snake

A gator's toothy grinA gator's toothy grin

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What's the difference between an Alligator and a Crocodile?

There are many differences, most of which are not easy to see. One obvious difference is the shape of the head: Alligators have a broader, more rounded snout while crocodiles have a narrower, more pointed snout.

Another difference is the teeth: If you look at the side of a crocodile's mouth, you'll see the fourth tooth on the bottom jaw sticks outside of the top jaw and into a groove. The upper and lower teeth of a crocodile stick outside the jaws while the bottom teeth of the alligator fit into sockets in the upper jaw.

Alligators outnumber crocodiles 1,000 to 1 in the wild in North America.

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