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Fun Facts about the Oscar Fish

The Oscar fish is originally from South America. They are found in the Amazon River Region especially in Brazil. They can also be found in lakes and ponds throughout this region.

In the United States, Oscars have been caught in lakes, streams and ponds in several Southeastern States due to tropical fish owners releasing their "pet" into the wild when they outgrow their aquarium tank. However, in Florida, it is against the law to introduce this non-native species into the wild.

Oscars have a reputation of being aggressive but actually they just territorial. Most Oscars will allow for you to keep tank mates with them.

Oscar cichlids can grow up to 16 inches in the wild but most likely will only reach between 10-14 inches in a home aquarium tank.

Oscars love to tear up live plants and play with them. They will even shred your fake plastic plants. Don't be surprised if your plants dissapear from your home aquarium. Instead, of plants, Oscars will enjoy a piece of driftwood or cave that they can retreat to when needed. Oscars will choose a portion of their tank as a safe haven so ensure you have something in there even if it is empty clay flowerpot.

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