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Fun Facts - Black Widow Spiders

Female black widows are about 1½ inches long, while black widow males are generally half this size and completely harmless. Females are shiny and black with spots or hourglass-shaped markings on their round bellies. The spots or hourglass-shaped marks may range in color from yellowish to varying shades of orange or red.

Males have red spots along their upper midline and white or yellowish-white lines or bars radiating out to the sides.

Black widow spiders are considered to be the most venomous spiders in North America. Death from the bite is uncommon, but may occur in the elderly or very young and is usually from asphyxia.

Black widow spiders, despite their appearance are actually very timid spiders. Shy and retiring, they only bite when touched or pressed and are only aggressive immediately after the laying of eggs.

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