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Great Horned OwlGreat Horned Owl

Billings MT Zoo

Interesting Facts about the Great Horned Owl

Did you know that a Great Horned Owl probably does not have a good sense of smell? It is one of the few predators that will actually kill and eat skunks.

Great Horned Owls are powerful, nocturnal hunters feeding on a variety of prey animals such as rabbits, rodents, skunks, small mammals, and birds, including other smaller owls. It occasionally has been known to take chickens, gamebirds and housecats.

These birds are not the malicious killers they are often thought to be, however. They hunt prey that is most easily caught.

The great horned owl's "horns" or "ears" are not really ears at all. The owl's real ears are slits on either side of its head, just behind the facial disks. The "horns" are tufts of feathers which the owl can raise or lower to show its mood. These feather tufts are also part of the owl's camouflage. They can make the owl look like part of a tree.

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