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Fun Facts - The National Zoo

Nearly a quarter of the animals at the National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute are members of endangered species. This includes giant pandas, Asian elephants, white-naped cranes, and western lowland gorillas.

The National Zoo has over 2,000 different animals that represent more than 400 species.

In addition to animals, the National Zoo has more than 180 species of trees, 850 species of woody shrubs and herbaceous plants, and 40 species of grasses. There are also 36 different species of bamboo.

The National Zoo is hard at work to help the giant pandas with ongoing breeding, conservation and research so that one day they can safely return back to their natural environment.

The National Zoo's Asian Elephant is the fifth of its kind to be created through artificial insemination.

The National Zoo is the first zoo to conduct scientific research in order to find ways to stop the extinction of certain breeds.

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